For lads and lasses

Camberwell Hall is an elegant Georgian building in Grove Lane in Camberwell that bears a plaque inscribed with the date 1748.  

Surrounded by market gardens and open fields, it was built on that year as the assembly room for the Camberwell Tea Gardens, a popular place of entertainment with extensive gardens attended by “the lads and lasses of London Town”.  

Not known as Camberwell Hall until the early Victorian times, it was a venue for balls and concerts and quickly became the social hub for the middle classes of Camberwell.

In September 1829 Marie (Madame) Tussaud exhibited here her waxworks just before taking up her permanent venue in ‘The Baker Street Bazaar’.

John Ruskin put forward some of his social ideas in his famous lectures on “Work” to the Camberwell’s Working Men’s Institute in January 1865.

As you can guess from the photo, today Camberwell Hall houses private apartments.


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