When street art is fine art

Dulwich Outdoor Gallery is a collection of murals painted by some of the top street artists alive today who based their work on Baroque era paintings in the permanent collection at Dulwich Picture Gallery.

They were invited to study Dulwich Picture Gallery's permanent collection and choose a painting as an inspiration for their works. The style and subject matter of the murals were carefully matched to the location of the walls.

They then reinterpreted works form the 17th Century breathing new life into the old masters gaining new audiences for both the street art movement and the gallery (as generally the typical person who loves street art is not keen on Baroque and vice versa).

In the last few years street art followers have come to Dulwich to see works by the artists they admire, and, understanding the link to the old masters, they have discovered Dulwich Picture Gallery as well.

Local residents have been watching quality murals by the world's top street artists go up in their area with, in general, very positive reactions.


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